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Halloween Inspired Glass

Halloween Inspired Glass

Halloween Inspired Glass We are fully in the swing of spooky season, and Halloween is right around the corner! Along with bonfires, pumpkins, trick-or-treating and scary movies - Excitement has some fun, spooky items in store to add to your festivities!   The amazing thing about glass is the crossover between creativity and functionality. How cool is it to have something that is artistic...
by Jacee Niblett on October 01, 2020
10 Water Pipes for Under $100

10 Water Pipes for Under $100

= 10 Water Pipes for Under 100$ At Excitement we specialize in variety. Since the start of our expansions in 2018 we haven’t stopped expanding! We have so many categories and a range of options, styles and prices in each of them. In our previous article we discussed 4 options that fell in the higher-end range. Keep reading to learn about our more affordable pipes. Whether you’re...
by Jacee Niblett on May 24, 2020
Best Water Pipe for Summer 2020

Best Water Pipe for Summer 2020

Best Water Pipes for Summer 2020 Summer is in full swing here in beautiful PA, and despite event cancellations and social distancing, we’re in the business of making the best out of a hard situation. Getting outdoors and breathing some fresh air is always a good idea, and our state’s beautiful landscapes make it so easy! So many of us are moving our smoke...
by Jacee Niblett on March 26, 2020


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