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4 of Our Largest Glass Pieces

4 of Our Largest Glass Pieces

A great glass collection will have a lot of variety. Do you agree?

Whether you’re going for visual aesthetics, function, or novelty - a glass collection with a million of the same style pieces is going to get boring fast. Plus, it’s no fun! You get the same experience no matter which piece you choose from the shelf. 

The best thing to do is spice it up with a little variety. 

Take a look at the status of your current collection. Do you have a lot of beakers? A lot of straight tubes? Are they all similar in size, or do they vary? Do they have varying styles of percolators? Do you have a good mix of hand pipes and water pipes?

A lot of people go for a modest size piece because, well it’s easier to deal with. But adding a statement to your collection can go a long way.

I’m guessing it’s time to switch it up. And don’t worry - we’ve got you covered.

If you’re in the market for a new pipe, consider adding a large piece to complete the look!


This luxurious piece from Pulsar is a great option if you want to elevate your collection, not just in size but in style and status. The pipe is huge in stature, but what’s even better is the two huge honeycomb percolators! These percs along with its tall tube style neck is guaranteed to give you an insanely smooth hit, every time.


Big and beautiful, this piece by Lookah is one of the most uniquely styled water pipes in our inventory. The intricate glass work is something for the eyes, and the function of its recycler adds the benefit of extra filtration as well as blocking any backsplash to the mouth. The cherry on top is the ice catcher for an even smoother, cooler hit!


In the market for a new party trick? This 6ft tall acrylic pipe has earned the record for tallest pipe in our store, and while it might lack in aesthetics - it’s so valuable for group settings due to its inability to smash, shatter, chip or break. Pass it around, worry free and laugh with your friends at the ridiculousness of having to light it for each other!


A true relic on our shelves, the Zong is something you really won’t find replicated anywhere. It stands at just over 3 ft tall, but with the zigs and the zags its volume capabilities are actually comparable to a 6ft counterpart. Basically - you get the volume of a monster pipe without the extreme length. Plus, it holds so much water that you will never get a dry hit. Pick this one up if you want a guarantee none of your friends have it!

Even if ridiculously large water pipes aren’t really your thing - we’re bound to have something you need at Excitement Smokin’. We have pieces ranging from tiny to huge, and everything in between. Really, we have the ultimate collection!

Stop in to any of our locations to check out our inventory. Your ever growing collection and shelves will thank you!

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