Since 2004, GRAV has been designing precision instruments with artistic roots while keeping design and functionality at the forefront of all their creations.

GRAV (39)

GRAV Small Clear Round Base Water Pipe


GRAV® 8.5" Small Dropmat


GRAV® Large Gravitron® v2.0


GRAV® Medium Gravitron® v2.0


GRAV® Helix™ Clear Straight Base W/ Fixed Downstem Water Pipe


GRAV® Helix™ Clear Beaker Base Water Pipe


GRAV® 16mm Octo-Taster With Silicone Skin


GRAV® 12mm Taster With Silicone Skin


GRAV® Mini Steamroller


GRAV® Spherical Pocket Bubbler


GRAV® Dugout


GRAV® Pinch Spoon