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All Things Glass

All Things Glass

Where to start?

If you’re not sure where to start in purchasing your first pipe - you might want to consider how you smoke (if you need water filtration, if you need portability, etc), what type of material you smoke, and what your budget is. From there our highly knowledgeable staff will be able to narrow it down for you and offer some excellent options based on your needs. 

What types of glass does Excitement sell?

Excitement offers a wide selection of glass water pipes, hand pipes, bubblers, rigs, and nectar straws. We also carry attachments and replacement pieces like slides, head pieces, down stems, quartz bangers, carb caps, drop downs, ash catchers and reclaimers.

Our glass ranges from affordable entry-level soft glass pipes to heady art glass showpieces, but the majority of our inventory is made up of quality mid-range USA made scientific glass (also known as borosilicate glass) pieces. 

We have hand-blown water pipes in all shapes including

●     beakers

●     straight tubes

●     inline tubes 

●     sidecars 

●     recyclers

●     nano pipes or mini pipes



Percolators are valuable additions to water pipes that you might want to consider when choosing your pipe. They are additional chambers built within the shaft that help cool down and filter the smoke as your pulling it through the pipe. They diffuse the smoke, giving you a smoother, cleaner hit!

There’s a few different styles of percolators..

Some of the styles you can find in glass pipes at Excitement include: 

●     disc percolators

●     honeycombs 

●     tree-stem percolation

●     inline percs

●     domes

●     showerheads

●     matrix percs

●     multi-chambered options

●     glycerin coils

●     fab eggs

●     recyclers

●     turbines

●     helix functions


Excitement also carries a wide selection of:

●  oil rigs or concentrate water pipes with glass nails and domes, ceramic nails or titanium nails. As well as quartz bangers from bulldozers to buckets to thermals to monster sized bangers, plus titanium and ceramic options and even e-nails.

●  nectar straws or nectar collectors ranging from simple set ups to elaborate kits

We stock all of the accessories needed for concentrates or extracts such as torches, oil slicks, butane, tools and carb caps. 

In addition to glass, we also carry a full range of silicone pipe options, plus a few acrylic pieces and a mix of metal hand pipes, wooden pipes, ceramic pipes and stone.

Silicone pipes are among our favorites because they're easy to clean, can withstand high temperatures, travel easily and are compatible with glass downstems and quartz bangers - this is the only breakable part of a silicone pipe and is easy and inexpensive to replace.

A selection of brands we carry:
*Each store's selection is different, please call in advance if looking for a specific item. Some one-of-a-kind items featured here may be sold out.

●     Grav

●     Black sheep gallery

●     Encore

●     Roor 

●     Envy

●     Pulsar

●     Higher standards

●     Phoenix

●     Medicali

●     Aqua works

●     Hbg

From clear to colorful, simple to complex, lightweight to thick, travel-friendly to one-of-a-kind works of art, we have the best selection of glass in Central, PA. No matter your budget or style preferences, we've got a pipe for you.

Stop in and check out our constantly updated collection. 

Follow our Instagram @iloveexcitementsmoke for all the latest product arrivals!

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