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5 Tiny Water Pipes to Add to Your Collection

5 Tiny Water Pipes to Add to Your Collection

When it comes to choosing your next new glass piece - size does matter. Do you have the space for a giant flashy Zong on your shelf? Do you want to invest in a big heady piece for the aesthetic? Or do you need something more practical and compact?

Tiny water pipes can be transported more easily, and are often a lot more conspicuous. There’s pros and cons for both, and in my humble opinion - having a variety to choose from is the best case scenario. Different pipes for different times!

Check out this list of 5 Tiny Water Pipes to add to your collection!


This small water pipe with a bent neck is perfect if you switch between dry and concentrates. Compact enough to carry around, you can also switch out the head piece for a banger on the go! The bent neck keeps your face away from the fire, and the color accents are beautiful!


While this one isn't a brand name, it’s perfect if you need something quick and easy. When it comes to small pipes, this one is pretty small - so perfect if you’re worried about concealing it. It also features a bent neck for that safety effect, and has a built in banger so you don’t have to worry about sizing. 


This pink tinted mini water pipe is so stylish and cute. It is small, but it’s a happy medium if you want something bigger but can’t afford the space. It gives a classic and expensive aesthetic without the high cost. You can also easily switch out the head piece for a banger and you have a beautiful mini rig!


If you want something really unique, this elephant is for you. Pull from the trunk and enjoy the smooth hit of this high quality glass! It’s incredibly beautiful, but you still get the benefits of a small compact piece. This is a heavier purchase, but it’s so worth it to spruce up your collection. 


This piece is perfect if you like the classic beaker style, but don’t have room for something too big. With this soft glass piece, you get thick heavy glass and a beautiful stained-glass-windows effect. The accents are so pretty, and this glass is really affordable. Add this to your collection to switch it up!

If any of these pieces caught your eye and fit your needs - stop in to any of our locations to explore our inventory. We have a huge selection of glass, and you’re bound to leave with something that’s perfect for you! Plus, it’s fun to explore the shop and all the fun goodies. 

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