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Treat Yourself to Luxury with These 5 Pieces

Treat Yourself to Luxury with These 5 Pieces

Every once in a while you have to splurge on a nice glass piece for your collection. 

Not only does it give you joy to look at and use, but the luxury pieces are often more durable and will last you longer (that is, if you can take care of glass!). 

It’s time to stop settling on the lower price points and finally invest in what you really want off the shelf!

Keep reading for 5 luxury pieces to treat yourself with.


If you want a beautiful and fun decorative piece - this guy might be the one for you. It’s always cool to have something that looks like decoration, turn out to be actually functional in your daily life! The colors pop on this completely American made piece, the ears are adorable and you’ll even get some filtration while you use it. 


If you like the beaker style, but want it to be just a little fancier - check out this piece by Phoenix glass. It has these beautiful royal blue accents with a touch of gold and features super strong and thick scientific glass. Not to mention the added swirly percolator in the middle! All around this is a great luxury piece to add to your shelf.


If you’re looking for more unique styles when shopping for your luxury pieces - this option by Aqua labs is a perfect option for you. Keeping with the blue theme, this one also has the slight royal blue and gold combo which just screams luxury! Check out this one if you want add a touch of gold to your shelf.


These tall beaker styles are a perfect upgrade if you historically are drawn to smaller options. They’re tall and sturdy and feature trendy pastel accents. They scream brand name, and are sure to add luxury and sophistication to your collection!


If you like filtration and percolation - this is the pick for you! With three chambers of percolation and a uniquely styled bent neck - there’s not another piece quite like this one. It has style and status, and is sure to add a luxury feel to your existing glass collection.

At Smokin’ we have options at almost every price point - so you’re never limited to the low shelf or high. We have something for everyone, and all the accessories and supplies you’ll need to go with it.

Stop in to any of our locations today to check out our constantly expanding inventory!

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