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5 Things You Should Buy if You Prefer Smoking Dry

5 Things You Should Buy if You Prefer Smoking Dry

When you really think about it, there seems to be two types of smokers in this world - those that prefer oils or concentrates and those that prefer the dryer stuff. While there are those of us who enjoy both, generally we will fall into one of these two camps. Dry materials are a little easier to handle, while concentrates can involve a little more skill and expertise. There are a lot of similarities and differences between the two and members of each group could go back and forth for hours on the subject, defending their preferences. 

At the end of the day, different materials call for different tools and equipment! You’ll need to differentiate between the two when shopping, and at Excitement we carry a huge selection of products for either one. 

If you’re a happy member of the dry camp, you should consider picking up these 5 items:


1. A Grinder

This little device is gonna make a huge difference in the ease of smoking. Instead of picking apart and breaking down your materials by hand, simply stick it in the chamber and twist. It’s an easier and quicker method of prepping for a smoke sesh and it’s a necessity in any smoker’s collection.


2. A Few Packs of Wraps

If you like rolling your own, wraps are probably your best friend! These are ideal for transport, sharing with a group, and when you’re stuck in a bind with limited resources. We love Hemp Wraps at Excitement - they even come in a bunch of different flavors!


3. A Pipe with Water Filtration

Cool down your smoke by using a pipe with water. Bubblers and water pipes are awesome options for dry material because they naturally filter the smoke as they pull it through their chambers. For bonus filtration, pick up a water pipe that has percolators blown in the glass. 


4. A Dry Vape

A lot of our customers prefer vaporizing their material versus directly smoking it. It can feel cleaner and might be easier to inhale. A dry vape will either combust the material or “cook” it depending on the coil used. You then pull through the mouth piece and you’re good to go. Try this out if you’re looking for something new and want to ditch your lighter!


5. A Dugout 

Are you often smoking on the go and need a simple solution to take your smoke sesh with you? Try a dugout - this little box has a compartment for material storage and comes with a little cigarette shaped pipe to smoke from. Dig the pipe into the compartment and spark it up! This is a super affordable and easy way to take your dry materials with you.

If you’re in the dry camp, these 5 products are awesome additions to your collection. Some are necessities, while others are just for fun. But no matter what you’re in the market for, Excitement Smokin’ is bound to have something on the shelves for you. Stop in to any of our locations and chat with the staff so they can help find the perfect item for you! 

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