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Choosing the Best Glass Option

Choosing the Best Glass Option

There are so many amazing tools and devices for smoking at your disposal these days - it can be hard to decide which one to go with when making a new purchase. You get to choose from electric vapes, paper rollies, glass, and the list goes on.

It’s all meant to streamline your experience based on your habits and needs! When it comes to glass, there are a few subcategories like water pipes, hand pipes, or a mix (bubblers). All of these options offer different benefits and downsides and it really comes down to how you use your products and what your specific needs are.

We have walls and walls of different glass options at all different price points. Keep reading to learn more about the differences, and find out which one is for you!

Water Pipes

Nothing beats a good clean hit out of a tall straight tube like this Envy-American made one! Water pipes are a great way to consume your product, because they offer large amounts of smoke at one time - all filtered through the water at the bottom. They often feature fancy percolators, and creative artsy designs. There are a few downsides to water pipes - including a slightly higher price, more glass that can break, and sometimes feeling a little bit harder to clean.


Hand Pipes

Do you need to smoke on the go? Or do you just prefer a smaller, easier hit? Then a hand pipe like this one might be the better pick for you. Clearly a lot more portable, hand pipes come much smaller with a lot less filtration. They give a direct line of smoke to your lungs, but it’s a lot less due to the short distance. They’re definitely cheaper, and a bit easier to clean but the biggest perk is being able to easily conceal them and take them with you on adventures! And if you get one like this which is American-made, it’s sure to be more durable and longer lasting.



Arguably the best of both worlds - bubblers offer the benefits of water filtration found in water pipes, without the size or price. You can easily conceal these, just like hand pipes, but you don’t have to sacrifice the clean hit given by smoke filtered through water. They can be a bit more bulky than your standard hand pipe, but their sizes are a nice middle ground between the two other options.


Hopefully now you have a bit of a better understanding, and feel more confident in your choice. But if not - feel free to make a trip into any of our stores for further assistance. It can really help to see and feel the product before you buy it, and our trained staff is more than happy to assist in your decision making!

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