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4 Pipes with the Cleanest Hits

4 Pipes with the Cleanest Hits

The best part about switching from a hand pipe to a water pipe is the filtration you get from the water and percolators.

Most users would agree that it feels so much cleaner and smoother to smoke out of a water pipe for that reason. Rather than inhaling a straight shot of smoke directly like you do with a handpipe - with a water pipe the smoke has time to cool off and be filtered. 

Having any pipe that uses water will achieve this goal - but there are a lot of different styles and designs that enhance this effect even further making them even more effective at smoothing out your hit.

Keep reading for 4 pipes we carry that offer the smoothest, cleanest hits!

Medicali Beaker

This multi chamber beaker from Medicali is a wonderful example of a clean hit. Starting with the water in the bottom, moving to the first chamber of percolation and the ice catch at the top - you’ve cool-down and filtration times three! Medicali is one of our favorite brands, because they always deliver high-quality, American-made glass.

Grav Straight Tube

Coming in with another of our favorite brands, this Grav straight tube offers stability and a nice and long cool down time. Its long straight neck gives just enough time for the smoke to cool down before it reaches your lungs - and the honeycomb percolator at the bottom enhances this effect even more. Not to mention it’s flat bottom base keeps it from tilting and decreases your break risk! 

Glass Labs Bent Neck

This might be a single chamber pipe, but it’s got double the percolators making the filtration and a long bent neck. This is a great option if you want to switch out the head piece for a banger making it useful for both dry and concentrations. It’s also got some beautiful coloring on it and a nice unique style.

AquaWorks Straight Tube

This straight tube from AquaLabs just screams luxury, don’t you think? It’s something about the shiny glass and the subtle black accents… Just like the other straight tubes featured in this article, this one from AquaLabs has a nice long tube and multiple chambers. We’ve got a percolator in the bottom chamber that holds the water, in a second chamber and in the third we’ve got an ice catcher for added cool-down. This one is clearly a no-brainer. Efficiency and style in one!

All of these items and more are available at Excitement Smokin’ - while our inventory does vary, we always have a huge variety of products available. Our walls are lined with shelves stacked with water pipes featuring fascinating and effective percolation and filtration. Stop in to any of our locations to check it out, and you’re bound to go home with something perfect!

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