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How to make Rolling Your Own So Much Easier

How to make Rolling Your Own So Much Easier

Is rolling your own a lost art?

In a world of electronic vapes, huge glass pieces with multiple chambers of percolation, and bangers you heat up with a torch - have we lost the simple art of rolling one up with your friends?

We’d like to think not. Don’t get me wrong - tech has come a long way and it’s made our smoking lives so much more efficient and fun! But there’s something about doing it with your hands, crafting it and then passing it around to puff that feels so… human?

If you agree and still appreciate a good rollie, keep reading for some products that can help streamline the experience!

Funky Rolling Tray

Having a handy tray to use it’s often a game changer - and these products get wildly creative and unique. It keeps all your items in one spot and provides a nice clean and smooth surface to break up, pack and roll. We have a ridiculous amount of options and designs, you’re bound to find one that matches your vibe!

Toker Poker

This is a personal favorite of mine - the toker poker. Fundamentally it’s a casing for your lighter but it’s designed to hold every tool you could need. It holds your lighter, has a fold-out stainless steel poker tool, secures up to 5 feet of hemp wick, AND features a stainless steel stamper tool! It quite literally has every tool that you’ve been makeshifting out of paper clips and the corners of tables.

RAW cones 

If you love smoking a rollie, but find the act of rolling up difficult and tedious - try a pre rolled cone! The cone shape is already there, and you just have to work the product inside. No technique or skill needed! They come in a few sizes depending on what you need.

Rolling Machine

Want something that does all the work for you? RAW makes this super handy rolling machine that will manually pack up your papers into a neat and perfect end product. Keep this handy for when you can’t be bothered to DIY!


Whether you roll or pack into hand pipes - if you’re using dry material in any fashion it’s a must that you invest in a good grinder. A nice grinder that works well and lasts can take your experience from tedious and annoying to effortless and streamlined. We have a whole case of different options. Check out some that you like!

At Excitement we appreciate variety - and attending to various needs of our customers. Everyone is into different things in this industry, and we like to stock our inventory with products for all the diversity of needs and desires. Stop in to any of our locations to check out our expanding inventory.

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