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The Best Pipes for Concentrates

The Best Pipes for Concentrates

Do you prefer concentrates over dry material? Are you mostly a dry user but looking to switch it up?

Either way - you probably need some applicable tools. A simple hand pipe and a lighter won’t cut it if you’re using concentrates. It’s gonna get a bit hotter, in this case.

And if you prefer filtration, you’ll need to make sure your water pipe is fitted for concentrates.

For most general water pipes, you can easily switch out the head piece with a banger and instantly transform your pipe into something applicable for concentrates. But we also have a few options that come this way, right off the shelf.

Keep reading for some of the best pipes we currently have for concentrates!


This little rig is a perfect start if you want something simple and effective. It’s made from scientific glass, and features a bent neck to keep your face away from the heated banger. You also get some filtration with this one, and beautiful blue accents!


Yep, your rig can be silicone too! Prone to breaking your nice glass pieces? Maybe it’s time to make the switch to silicone. It’s totally safe, because the banger is still glass. But this way, there’s a lot less surface area to risk breakage. It’s also way easier to transport, and a whole lot easier to clean!


This hot and unique piece offers great filtration and just looks plain cool. Check out the bright orange accents, and futuristic tubes coming off the frame. Add some water to this pipe, heat up the banger it comes with and you’re good to go right off the bat!


If you’re not that big into larger pipes, check out the hand pipe for concentrates. This versatile and easy to use glass tip straw is perfect if you prefer your concentrates on the go. Simply heat up the tip, dip it in your product, and pull from the mouth of the straw. It’s wrapped in silicone so you won’t break it - and you can switch out the tip!

At Excitement Smokin’ our store is lined wall to wall with a huge selection of glass pieces and accessories. If you’re looking to make the switch to concentrates, or need upgrades of your favorite tools - we’re the place to be. 

Stop in to any of our locations and check out our ever expanding inventory!

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