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6 Smoking Accessories to Elevate Your Experience

6 Smoking Accessories to Elevate Your Experience

Whether you smoke concentrates or dry, prefer a pipe or a pre-rolled, smoke occasionally or daily - there are plenty of ways to elevate the experience you’re accustomed to having. The smoke market has advanced over the years, to a point where there’s really a product for almost every need. There are things to make your life easier, like those listed in Life Hacks: Smoker Edition and there are things available just to make your tools look a little more pretty.

Whatever your routine, maybe a fun or functional accessory is just what you need to take it to the next level. Check out these 6 smoker accessories:

Decorative Carb Caps


Add some flare to your banger with one of these decorative carb caps! Capping your banger after dropping in your concentrate can help trap the heat inside and emphasize convection. We have so many fun options to choose from, and matching color or style can really take your rig to the next level.


Head Pieces 


Upgrade the default glass head piece in your water pipe to one of these prettier ones! Bigger ones can give you more space to fit your dry material, or just make your pipe a little more beautiful. Just don’t forget to check the size of your downstem before coming in.

Ash Catcher 


Arguably the most functional accessory is an ash catcher for your water pipe. Using an ash catcher will filter your smoke and reduce the amount of residue that ends up in your piece. Far easier to clean than an entire water pipe, ash catchers are aesthetic and super useful!


Reduce the messy aspect of smoking by picking up an ashtray for your smoke station. These things can get really artistic, and having one sitting on your table might be inconspicuous enough to leave out. 

Rolling Tray


We carry so many different creative and fun rolling trays, that you’re bound to find one that you love in any of our locations. Not only are they beautiful, but they make the zen and meditative process of rolling streamlined and efficient.

Dime Bag


Carry all your tools in one bag! Dime bags come in multiple sizes and colors, all with padded interiors that are safe to carry glass inside. Transport your delicate and fragile smoke equipment easily and in a safe way. 

All of these accessories come in so many different colors or styles and some feature really awesome and trippy art. They’ll also work to upgrade your equipment in big ways, no matter how small the accessory. Use them to smoke smarter, not harder!

We have all of these products and more available at any of our locations. Stop in today and check out our insane collection. You’re bound to find something you love!

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