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3 Current Must-Have's From Our Heady Case

3 Current Must-Have's From Our Heady Case

If you’re a smoking connoisseur, then I’m sure you have a nice collection of super unique glass pieces to smoke from. How’s your shelf lookin’? Looking to upgrade that collection?

Heady glass pieces are more than just something you use to smoke. It’s a status symbol, something nice to sit on the shelf, and at the end of the day - they are true works of art. At Excitement we always say we have something for everyone. From scientific glass, to affordable acrylics - we also have a stocked heady glass case that often holds pieces from local artists!

Here are 3 of our current must-haves from the heady case at our Camp Hill location:



Calling all my “elephants are my favorite animals” people! This purple elephant by Flame Princess is almost too cute to smoke out of. Look at those ears! This piece would make a perfect gift for the elephant-loving girlfriend in your life. It would also add such a nice switch up to the current heady collection on your shelf. 



This dope dragon piece is hand blown by Tony Kazi. Not only do the colors pop and blend so well together, but the detailing is phenomenal. Smoking out of this piece is bound to give you Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings vibes - which will add so much to your current setup!



Do you use a banger with pearls on your rig? If you’re a concentrate smoker, you’ll love these tiny but beautiful heady pearls by Steve H. Glass. Using pearls in your banger works to  distribute the concentrate and heat it up evenly, providing consistency and helping to maximize flavor. PLUS - watching the little balls spin around is so satisfying. Add a pop of art to the process with these colorful options.

Also pictured are these pretty carb caps blown by Pmack Glass, a local artist from Lancaster, PA. Match up the colors with your favorite rig and you have a beautiful accessory to your smoke sesh!

As a collector, you probably know that items like these can go fast. Often they’re true one-of-a-kinds and so when you make a purchase, you’re the only one who has one! Our heady case changes up often, so make sure to stop in soon and check out these pieces!

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