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3 Water Pipes With the Best Percolators

3 Water Pipes With the Best Percolators

One of the biggest perks to smoking out of a water pipe is the added filtration allowed through percolators. Different styles will filter the smoke in different ways, but any blown-in perc’s are a great added benefit to smoking out of glass. It can make your hit smoother or taste better, as well as cool down the smoke before it reaches your lungs. For more info on different styles check out this earlier article.

And keep reading for 3 of our current water pipes with the best filtration capabilities!


This beautiful piece has everything you need, with orange accents and a brand name logo - it’s sure to fit right in your collection (or be a first!). The tree perc style filtration is intricate but effective and it will cool down your smoke beautifully.

This modestly sized piece will add character to your shelf and will go perfectly with any other warm toned accessories you have.


This one is a personal favorite of mine because of the beautiful pastel pink! It’s clearly well-made glass and the style of the whole pipe allows for easy use, keeping your face away from the fire. This one also features a tree perc, but it’s shaped a little differently giving it a unique flare. 

Roor is known for their quality - and this piece is no exception. It sits nicely on any surface and won’t rock or sway when you move it around. The added touch of color with the thick glass gives it a high quality appearance that you can show off to your friends. 



This skinny and easily transportable water pipe features an ergonomic design so it’s less likely to fall prone to accidents. It’s heavy duty and nice to hold - feeling secure instead of fragile. This is definitely a better option if you still want glass but you’re a little clumsy. 

This one features a honeycomb perc that you can see on the bottom. Because it has only one chamber, the filtration won’t necessarily be top-notch but just enough to cool down the smoke and smooth your hit slightly.

Water pipes are some of our most popular options for customers and staff, and that’s why we keep our shelves stocked with a wide range of price-points, colors, and materials. We carry something for everyone, so stop in and check out our ever expanding collection. And don’t forget to ask our staff for any assistance - they’re happy to answer any questions and guide you to the best possible option!

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