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4 of the Most High Tech Smoke Products in our Store

4 of the Most High Tech Smoke Products in our Store

Has anyone else noticed how high tech the smoking game has gotten in recent years? It’s no longer just a simple rollie shared with your friends, or a small handpipe in your bag. Now we have electronics, huge beakers with fancy percolation, and smart technology infused into our smoke gear. 

Society has truly advanced. 

At Excitement, we stay current and up to date with the latest and greatest - and that means our smoke products, as well. Keep reading for 4 of the most high tech options we have in store right now, and stop in to pick one up for yourself. You deserve it.


1. The OTTO

This device truly does it all, with truly minimal effort. Imagine one tool that grinds, fills, and rolls with the push of a button. That’s exactly what the OTTO does. It has advanced AI technology and expert engineering so you get a perfect grind every time. Pick one of these up if you’re an expert connoisseur!


2. The Carta - Laser Edition

This Smart E-rig is perfect if you’re a concentrate-smoker. Not only is it portable and ridiculously tech-y but it has a brand new glow design that gives a very psychedelic aesthetic. This rig features 4 presets, tailored temperature settings, AND bluetooth capabilities. What more could you ask for?


3.The Puffco

The Carta’s competitor, Puffco is another fantastic option for concentrate-lovers. It’s a Smart rig that “unlocks the true power of concentrates, providing the clearest expression of the potency and flavor.” The Puffco has intelligent temperature calibration that automatically adjusts heat for you, a 20-second average for heat up time, and 4 unique preset temperature settings. It’s really the big leagues if you own one of these!


4. The Rosintech

Are you into making your own concentrates? The Rosintech might be the perfect product for you. Utilizing heat and pressure, this press gives you the opportunity to take control of the extraction process. Give it a go, if you want to be empowered in your smoking experience!

Feelin’ like you should step up your game yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Stop in to any of our locations to check out all of these products and more. Our staff is on hand and ready to find something sick and high tech to upgrade your collection TODAY!

And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep in touch with the community!

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