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3 Rigs to Add to Your Collection

3 Rigs to Add to Your Collection

If your tastes are more geared towards consuming concentrates rather than dry materials - chances are you need a rig setup.

Concentrates can be a little tricky to use at first because it requires a few more pieces of gear, but once you have all the tools you need at your disposal, it’s an easy and fun experience!

Are you in need of a new setup? Do you have a growing collection that you want to add to?

At Excitement Smokin’ we have concentrate rigs at many different price points, and made with many different designs so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

But keep reading to check out 3 hand picked options that we think you will love!

Envy Beaker Banger Hanger

Want to make the switch but don’t want to give up your favorite style of water pipes: the beaker? Beakers are a classic choice when it comes to water pipes, and this American made rig from Envy doesn’t disappoint! Instead of a head piece, this rig comes fully loaded with a banger so you don’t have to mess around with sizing and fittings. Plus, we can’t forget about the beautiful lavender colored details. This will make a classy, distinguished and high end addition to any collection.

Eyce Silicone Rig

Are you a smoker constantly on the go? A silicone addition to your collection might be needed in your near future. Silicone pipes offer insane durability and transferability - and in rig form you don’t lose any of this value. While silicone rigs often still have a breakable glass banger (thus not making them 100% indestructible) this option from Eyce features a titanium nail allowing this entire set up to be completely shatter-risk-free! You don’t even need a carb cap, which adds huge travel ability points. Festie goers will want this in their hands before summer hits!

Encore Baby Egg Style

Believe it or not, this compact and uniquely shaped rig offers some crazy benefits that smokers will want on their shelves. Its small shape actually makes it incredible for tasting any hit! It also offers the benefit of a luxury feel without breaking the bank or taking up an entire shelf. We also love the slightly bent neck design and the sturdiness of the flat bottom. It wraps up everything you need in one rig!  

Any of these rigs pique your interest? Come in and check out our ever expanding inventory at any of our locations to pick one up. Whether it’s your first buy, the next piece for your collection, or an addition you need to pick up before your upcoming travel plans - you’ll find what you need in store.

And don’t forget to check in with any of our staff members for assistance. They’re happy to track down the perfect option for you!

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