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3 Reasons to Make the Switch to Silicone

Maybe it's time to try something new

Making the switch from glass pipes to silicone is controversial territory in the smoking community. There are a lot of silicone enthusiastics, and there are the skeptics, and the straight up critics. 

Some people just don’t like change! They see a new kind of pipe and immediately dismiss its validity because it’s not what they are used to. 

People often encounter a silicone pipe and wonder if it’s going to hit the same, if it’s going to feel like a “toy”, or if it’s gonna provide them with the necessary functionality of glass pieces. Is the benefit of silicone worth the sacrifice of glass features?

Ultimately, only you can make the decision. But keep reading to hear my case for making the switch!

You Cannot Break It

Do you travel a lot? Are you constantly bubble wrapping your pieces for transport? It can get tedious and annoying to carry around glass - especially if you have a lot of larger pieces. Plus, traveling with glass often leads to devastating breakage. It’s a risk every glass owner has to weigh when they go to a festival or road trip. Even during a routine session at your home, pieces break all the time. And usually it’s total damage, meaning you can’t fix or repair it. Sometimes you can buy a new head piece, but often you have to replace the entire pipe. But with silicone, your pieces are completely unbreakable. If there are glass elements, they are easy to replace and you don’t have to dish out for the whole piece. This is especially beneficial if you travel a lot, are a bit clumsy, or have a bunch of clumsy friends!

It’s incredibly Easy to Clean

Cleaning glass pipes is an art form. And not an easy one! You often need fancy tools to get in all the nooks and crannies, special solutions and an abrasive to get it really clean, and depending on the piece it can get quite complicated. But with silicone, cleaning is truly a breeze. There’s the freeze and hit trick where you leave your dirty piece in the freezer and then smack it against something hard to break off the residue, or there’s the fact that a lot of silicone pieces are actually dishwasher safe. They’re also often flexible, allowing you to manipulate the piece to get into the hard to reach places. Give up the complicated cleaning procedure, and try an easier way!

It’s a New and Exciting Feel

Last but not least, making the switch to silicone is a great option due to the value of variety. While there’s so much diversity and creativity in the glass blowing industry - switching up your normal shopping habits can be a great way to experience something new. Why not try all there is out there for the smoking community? You don’t have to always stick to what you know. Breaking out of the mold and trying new things makes you more experienced and knowledgeable overall. Spice up your life by switching things up!

Change isn’t always bad - in fact, sometimes it’s necessary. And while I’m not suggesting you decide today to throw out your giant glass collection and replace everything with their silicone counterparts, I am suggesting that you keep an open mind. If you do, you might find the perfect spot in your life for a silicone pipe - and ultimately you will be so glad you did!