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Which Disposable Vapes Does Smokin' Carry?

Which Disposable Vapes Does Smokin' Carry?

Vaporizers of all varieties are becoming more and more popular among smokers. Overall, they seem to be a more appealing option compared to other nicotine products, but there are some downsides to going digital. Some vapes take a lot of maintenance -  like charging the battery, refilling the tank, changing out coils, etc etc. If you don’t have the time, energy or desire to take long term care of these devices, but still want the benefits of vaping - a disposable vape is truly the answer to your prayer!

Disposable vapes come prefilled, and have a long lasting battery life (shown to you by the number of “puffs” available). You buy, puff to your heart's desire, and then replace it! 

It’s a very appealing option for our customers, and that’s why Smokin’ carries the best of the best. Check out the following disposable vapes we carry:

Juucy model S

The Juucy model S has a 1000 puff count, is pre-filled with 4 ml, and has a 5.0 % nicotine strength. It’s the perfect compact size giving you guaranteed convenience.


This disposable vape has a puff count of 2200 - 2500, features a 5.0% nicotine strength and comes in a huge variety of flavors including blue jolly rancher or lush ice. You’re bound to find something you love!


Customers love the direct draw functionality of this model. No buttons mean you just pull and go. It comes with up to 1500 puffs, and lots of fun flavors like mango or strawberry banana!

UNO Amped

This product utilizes a tobacco free nicotine, allowing the flavor to really shine through compared to other products. It also features 2000 puffs, and has a more user-friendly shape that won’t roll away if you drop it.


This 1500 puff vape will keep you satisfied and happy as you vape, featuring 5.0% nicotine and different flavors like peach or green apple ice.

Vaporlax Draco (only available at King of Prussia location)

The Draco disposable offers a massive 6500 puff count, keeping you going for much longer than its competitors. Additionally, it has a checkered print giving it a nice feel and stylish look!

Pod V2 (only available at King of Prussia location)

The Pod V2 offers 5500 puffs and an integrated tank that gives you a nicer and bolder flavor. Along with the convenient draw activation, it also has an airflow adjustment mechanism on the bottom!

Take Off Lux V2 (only available at King of Prussia location)

This 2800 puff vape lights up, and comes with a lanyard! Perfect for festival goers, or any type of travelers. Never lose your vape again!

As you can see, we have no shortage of options to choose from when it comes to disposable vapes. You’re bound to find a product and flavor you love at any of our locations. Stop in today and check out our inventory. Happy Vaping!

*Flavor stock may vary - you can call your location before stopping in to see what is available. 

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