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5 Best Products for Smokin' on a Budget

5 Best Products for Smokin' on a Budget

At Smokin’ we pride ourselves on our inventory. Our store features highly stocked shelves, with a wide range of products - at a wide range of price points. Having something for everyone and meeting the needs of our customers is top priority. 

We get it! Sometimes you don’t have the cash to drop on a brand new 60 inch glass water pipe (even though it’s sick and you’d love to own it). Sometimes life gets in the way and you can’t always prioritize self care or luxury items. 

Whatever it is, we’re bound to have something in your budget. Always feel free to let your associate know how much you’re looking to spend, and they’ll be happy to find something within that range.

And if you want some ideas, keep reading for 5 of our favorite products for smokin’ on a budget.

Grav Pinch Spoon

Our Grav case is packed full with affordable glass pieces. Check out this mint colored mini pipe (one of our most popular)! It’s small, cute, and does the job! Perfect for travel or discretion, and made from high quality glass coming in at only $15.

Yocan UNI

A popular method of smoking these days is the use of pre-filled cartridges. The Yocan UNI is an affordable option for the battery needed to use those carts! It fits almost every size cartridge, features variable voltages, and it’s small, compact and portable. And it’s priced at only $35!

Encore Water Pipe

If you want a step up from a small hand pipe, check out this “short” water pipe. Don’t let it’s small size fool you, it packs a punch and filters the smoke before it hits your lungs through percolation. Encore is a reputable brand, and this piece is priced at only $48. 

Dopezilla Water Pipe

Another affordable water pipe we carry is from Dopezilla. You get a classic beaker style made from high quality glass - without the high price. A staff favorite, this piece is timeless and only costs $55!

Glasslabs Beaker

And finally, the highest price on the list while still staying under $100 is this large beaker style water pipe from Glasslabs. At Smokin’ we love the glass that comes from this brand. This beaker is big, sturdy and durable. If you want something that looks expensive but isn’t - this ones for you. Grab this beaker for $85!   

Quality products aren’t always crazy expensive. You don’t always have to spend a pretty penny to get something you love or treat yourself to something new.

Stop into any of our locations and let our staff know what you have to spend. We’re ready and happy to help!

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