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5 of the Best Hand Pipes in Stock

5 of the Best Hand Pipes in Stock

Who doesn’t love a classic handpipe? Among all the elaborate (sometimes complicated) methods of consumption these days, hand pipes offer stability and reliability. They’re easy to use, often compact and affordable, and the simple mechanism allows for so much creativity and art to be infused in the production process. 

Our handpipe case is one of the most beautifully artistic sections of the store, with so many different creative options to choose from. 

It’s always good to have a few options on deck, so check out these 5 hand picked pipes to add to your collection:

Stone Tech Spoon

This spoon style hand pipe by Stone Tech has a super unique feel to it, due to it’s partly being made from stone. It comes with a protective cover and the design resembles rocks under a flowing creek.

Frosted Pipe

Another unique glass style is this frosted glass pipe. It fits so easily in your hand, and is so beautifully designed. To me, the green top looks like a mossy rock. This is a perfect option for spring, and to take on hikes or other outdoor activities!

Rainbow Glass

This pick is so pretty and vibrant, it’s perfect for your aesthetic vibe. It’s a classic design and will get the job done, pleasing the eye at the same time! Get started on Pride early and add this to your collection in advance.

Flower Pipe

Just in time for spring, this intricately designed flower pipe is perfect for the budding of the season. While it might not be ideal for transporting, it will add a huge pop of color to your collection - and come in handy too!

Fish Pipe

If you’re looking for a unique piece, this beautiful piece is a great option. Beyond the obvious intricate detail, the colors pop and blend so well together. Get this for the Pisces in your life - it was made for them! 

Don’t miss out on these beautiful options! Our inventory changes over time, and some pieces are truly one of a kind. So don’t miss your chance and stop in to any of our locations to check out the hand pipe case and pick up something nice for yourself.

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