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Upgrade Your Concentrates With These New Pieces

Are you a concentrates connoisseur? Then you know the value of quality tools for your lifestyle. Having the right tools that are made to last and work well can give you a night and day difference in your smoking experience.

From rigs to bangers to poking tools and beyond, you deserve the right tools that deliver the best results. This is especially true if you are a frequent or daily user!

Is it time to make some upgrades to your set-up? Keep reading for some of my suggestions starting with more complex and ending with simplicity, and get ready for more efficiency.

Pulsar Deep Pocket Tube Recycler Water Pipe

Pulsar Recycler Water Pipe

One of the best ways to upgrade your gear is to treat yourself to a brand new rig. Ditch your beaker or straight tube style water pipe for something with a little more filtration! With this recycler style pipe from Pulsar, you still get the big and full hits but they are a bit smoother due to the added percolation. It features an elongated diffuser style percolator as well as two exterior recycler pipes that rapidly cycle water and smoke for a smooth finish to each hit. If it’s time for a full upgrade, this is definitely the pipe for you.

Bear Quartz Bear Slurper Set 14Mm 90D

Bear Quartz Slurper Set

be all you need is a new banger set to really round out your concentrate gear. If that’s the case, this bear quartz slurper set might be just the thing for you. Made from their famous quality quartz, this banger is sure to last as long as you’re careful! You get a smooth and even heat, and the best part is the included borosilicate marble set to mix up your materials as you go. Grab this one if you’re sick of your current banger and want something with added pizzazz.

Mood Mats Steve H 8 Circle Rubber Coaster

Mood Mats Rubber Coasters

You’d be surprised at how big of an upgrade a small purchase can feel. Adding just a little something extra to your smoke routine can make a big difference in feeling like you have it all put together. If you already have all your favorite gear, but you feel like something is missing, consider adding a simple accessory like this circular mat from Mood Mats to round out your set-up. Made from 100% upcycled rubber scrap material, this mat adds aesthetics and art to your vibe while simultaneously protecting your precious gear from nicks (or worse, cracks). Make this simple addition to fully complete your set!

Whether it’s a small or large upgrade, making these changes to your gear can give you more peace of mind, and more efficiency in your everyday experiences. Upgrade your tools today, future you will thank you!

Stop in to any of our locations, or check out our extensive online inventory to shop all your concentrate needs. We can’t wait to have you!