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3 Fun Pieces to Treat Yourself

Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to treat yourself, whether it’s to a sweet treat, a new hoodie for the fall weather, or a new piece of gear to compliment your lifestyle. You deserve nice things! And often, investing a little more in functional items can pay off in the long run.

So if you’ve been eyeing a certain item, or have had something from us in your shopping cart forever, consider this your permission slip to invest in yourself and enjoy your life!

And if you’re feeling the spirit of treating yourself now, but need some ideas - keep reading for some of my personal recommendations!

Blackcraft Cult Nine Lives Beaker Water Pipe

First up is a classic beaker style water pipe with a spunky twist! Standing at 14 inches tall with 5mm thick glass, this pipe gives you a standard smoking experience and peace of mind with its sturdy and reliable glass. Plus, you get some bonuses.

One is an ice catch so you can cool down your smoke, and the other is the decal! Along with the brand name that elevates the luxury feel, you also get a cheeky black cat and a black colored lip. It definitely gives fall/spooky/Halloween vibes.

Lookah Mushroom Valley 12" Glass Water Pipe

If you’re anything like me, the mushroom vibe just speaks to your soul. In this piece, the mushroom is equal parts aesthetic and functional. It actually works as one of the two percolators included in this recycler style water pipe. The other is a disc percolator closer to the mouthpiece so you get ample cool down and filtration. Standing at 12 inches tall and made with borosilicate glass, you get an amazingly functional piece with just stunning accents as the cherry on top.

Chameleon Glass Alien Visitor Glass 3.75 Hand Pipe

Chameleon Glass Alien Visitor Glass 3.75" Hand Pipe

If you’re looking for something a little less serious, this alien hand pipe is the perfect addition to your ever growing glass collection. I’m sure you don’t have anything like it yet! Rather than an added decorative accent, this pipe has aesthetic and is decorated in its entirety. It also has a nice deep head piece on the end so you can load up to your heart’s desire. But really, it just looks cool on a shelf or table tray. Nothing better than a “decoration” you can actually use!

Ready to take the leap and give yourself the treatment you deserve? We have all of these pieces and more in our inventory and in stores. Stop in or start browsing online today and invest in your happiness and lifestyle efficiency. We can’t wait to have you!