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My Favorite Tools for Daily Users

Let’s face it, if you’re a daily smoker your tools should be a little more in-depth.

The right tools can make such a difference in your smoking experiences, and if you’re tapping in on a daily basis rather than on occasion, that difference gets even larger. Things like investing in a sturdy poker tool rather than using bobby pins or paper clips, or upgrading from a small handpipe to a full blown water pipe can not only help you feel more luxurious but it can also help ease the process.

More efficiency can be achieved, and your daily ritual can feel more smooth and effortless.

So, if this is you, keep reading for some of my tool recommendations for daily users!

The Terpometer Precision Dab Thermometer

If you’re a daily concentrate user, you know the struggle of finding just the right temperature for your banger. Even if you have it down to a science after all this time, it can feel cumbersome and annoying to make this judgment call every single time. This is where the Terpometer comes in! It’s a concentrate thermometer specifically calibrated to let you know the perfect temperature for consumption. The Terpometer takes your heated banger’s temperature in real time, safely letting you know when the temperature is just right with the green glow of its LCD screen. Get rid of the guesswork and add some efficiency to your daily routine!

14" Pulsar Glass Water Pipe - 19mm Female

If you're a daily dry material user, investing in a good water pipe will save you so much headache. Are you still using a handpipe or a classic beaker style water pipe? Say hello to smoother hits with this percolated straight tube pipe from Pulsar. The straight tube style provides a more streamlined experience, and the triple turbine percolators filter your smoke x3, giving you the freshest and cleanest hit possible - every time! Upgrade your water pipe for a more luxurious daily experience.

Pulsar Beaker Perc Ash Catcher

Already have a water pipe that you love? Adding an ash catcher to your set-up can be a game changer. More filtration means a cleaner hit - and a cleaner pipe! Taking this piece off of your pipe to clean is a much easier process than cleaning your entire pipe, and if you’re a daily user you know how much of a pain the cleaning process can be. These Pulsar options feature a mini beaker style piece inside the ash catcher and they come in multiple colors. Fun and functional, this additional perc helps keep your water pipe cleaner and tasting fresh for longer!

Ready to take some leaps and fully invest in your lifestyle? Excitement Smokin’ is the shop for you. We have all of these products and more in stock at our physical locations, or online! Choose the shopping experience that best suits your needs, and let us help you make these upgrades. You deserve it!