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The Best Tools for Smoking Indoors This Winter

The Best Tools for Smoking Indoors This Winter

Now that we are fully in the swing of winter and harsh weather, the days of kickin’ it outside in the sun for your smoke sesh are on pause. Now you have the choice of bundling up in 100 layers and bracing the cold air for 15 minutes, or smoking in the comfort of your warm home. 

Most of us are choosing the latter, I think.

Smoking indoors might come with some specific considerations like setting off a smoke alarm or concealing the smell. But don’t fear - Excitement Smokin’ has all the tools you’ll need this winter season.


This brand new and stunning design of the well-established Puffco Peak Pro is a must have this winter. This new design gives you a warm glow from the inside out! But aesthetics aside, the Puffco Peak Pro is really the future of smoking. It’s app-enabled and advanced technologies make the hold rig and nail method old school. If vaping concentrates is your thing - this is the perfect option for you this winter.


If you’ve ever been to a high school party you probably know that gravity can be used to enhance one’s smoking experience. Studenglass takes this to a whole other level with their gravity infuser. Using the power of water and kinetic energy - this glass hookah is an entirely new experience in itself. Add it to your collection to amp up the normal routine of smoking this winter!


If you’re gonna be smoking indoors anyway, you might as well get some use out of the big and beautiful pieces that aren’t the easiest to transport. Check out this tall and slender pipe from Urban Glass. It features beautiful details that are really best appreciated in person, and the added percolation makes the hits smooth. This is a great option for an indoor sesh!


If all else fails, a simple and small glass piece can be effective and fun while smoking indoors. Our Grav case is stocked with hand pipes of varying sizes and styles, chillums, and one-hitters so you’re bound to find something that works for you. Using a classic can be fun and get the job done!

Until the warmer weather starts visiting us again and we return to the great outdoors of Southern Pennsylvania, we can take comfort in smoking comfortably inside. Take stock of the tools you have on deck, and stop in to Excitement Smokin’ for anything you're missing (or an upgrade from what you already have). We are stocked and ready to help!

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