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The Best Smoke Apparel to Gift

The Best Smoke Apparel to Gift

Sometimes gift giving can be hard. Do you have those people in your life that seem to already have everything they need? Are you gifting someone who is an avid smoker, but you feel less than versed in this world, and overwhelmed with the options of pieces and gadgets? 

Have you considered.. Apparel? It’s hard to go wrong with a T-shirt or hoodie - we all need them! 

At Excitement Smokin’ we are stocked with everything a smoker could need including glass, tools, vaporizers and accompanying accessories like apparel! If you’re not sure what to give the smoker in your life, apparel could be the answer. And to make it even easier - we have holiday deals to help!

Keep reading for the best apparel items to gift this year.


You can never go wrong with a snapback - and gifting one with your person’s favorite glass brand? Classic! Check out this one from Grassroots California. We have a bunch of different style options if this one isn’t our jam.


This vintage-esque VW bus design is the perfect gift for your friend who is a true hippie at heart. Consider this design, or the rack of other style options available!


My personal favorite in the apparel section is this red crewneck hoodie by RAW. Keep your people warm through the winter while also sporting the all time classic rolling paper brand.


Yep, we even have printed leggings! Comfy, cozy and stylish - these leggings make the perfect gift for the lady in your life who insists leggings are pants. 

If you still can’t decide, if these items alone aren’t quite cutting it for you - check out this display for an idea of how to put these things together for a full on outfit:

The person you’re gifting might already have all the smoking gear they need - but you can help them look fresh while using them! 

Be sure to stop in for a host of other style and design options in our apparel section. You’re sure to find something you love. 

Our 12 days of holiday deals are almost over and you don’t want to miss out. Stop in to any of our locations today to take advantage and get all your last minute shopping done in one spot! 

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