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3 Things You Didn't Know About Silicone Pipes

3 Things You Didn't Know About Silicone Pipes

When you think of pipes, what do you think of? Typically we assume pipes are made out of glass, and some of us even assume that glass is the best option amongst other materials. Glass is a popular choice - it’s hefty, usually pretty to look at, and appears clean and smooth.

But we all know the price to pay when it comes to glass. It breaks, and that’s always the risk you take. 

There are other options out there, including silicone. While you might have your reservations, silicone is becoming increasingly popular and there’s multiple reasons for that. This article might shed some light on the benefits of silicone, and help you better weigh your options when shopping for smoking tools.


One benefit of silicone pipes that might not immediately come to mind is the benefit of travel. While there are lots of options for padding and cases - traveling with glass can still be a recipe for disaster. Not only is silicone safer to travel with, but due to it’s “squishy” nature it’s also easy to bend and fold up. If you’re a festival goer, or someone who travels with their smoke often - silicone might be the perfect remedy to your problems!


For some, cleaning pipes is the bane of their existence. From the soaking to the scrubbing to the different methods and chemicals, it can be a hassle. Did you know you can freeze the build-up inside your silicone pipe and then hit it on a hard surface to break it off? That’s right - no scrubbing or soaking required. Just stick it in the freezer and smack it on a table! Make sure to take out any glass or titanium pieces first.


Sometimes we hear concerns that smoking out of silicone pipes isn’t safe. It does give “plastic” vibes after all. But using silicone pipes for smoking is safe. Silicone can withstand up to 600 degrees of heat, but it cannot withstand an open flame. That’s why the headpiece or banger you use with the pipe is glass or titanium. You’re not heating up the silicone itself but using it to transport the smoke which is not as hot. Silicone is used in many common things you probably use every day, why not your smoking device?

Whatever your preference, when it comes to smoke - Excitement is bound to carry something for you. We have a wide selection of silicone pieces from hand pipes to rigs to water pipes. And our staff is happy to answer any questions you might have about making the switch. Stop in at any of our locations to check out your many options!

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