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5 Decorative Glass Pieces Perfect for Gifting

5 Decorative Glass Pieces Perfect for Gifting

It’s officially December which means it’s the season of giving, and Excitement Smokin’ is the perfect one-stop-shop for gifting the smokers in your life. Plus - we’ve got various deals and sales running this month that will make it that much easier for you to get everything you need for the loved ones in your life.

Is there a glass collector in the family? Does your partner love collecting different pipes? Glass can make the perfect gift because it’s not just pretty, but practical. Everyone loves getting gifted something they’ll actually use often! Check out these 5 pieces that are perfect for gifting this holiday season:


This iridescent water pipe is a unique addition to any smoker’s collection. It will stand out on a shelf of scientific glass - with its popping colors and the tilted neck. It’s also a great medium size to switch up the flow of any shelf. Grab this for the glass “hoarder” in your life to upgrade their collection!


Talk about decorative! This adorable and classy little pipe made by My Bud Vase takes the “it’s a flower vase!” excuse to the next level. Just look at that little plate it’s sitting on - so cute! This one is a perfect gift for the ladies in your life, or even your mom. It’s a truly decorative piece - but it functions just as nicely as any other.


Another one from the decorative collection from My Bud Vase - this yellow pipe gives a more simple and elegant vibe. Stick some flowers in the top when you’re not using it and no one will be able to tell the difference! 


Is one of your friend’s really into the pastel vibe? Check out these hammer style bubblers! Together they give sort of a cotton candy vibe - but they’re just as pretty on their own too. These are great for people that don’t have room for large water pipes, but still want the benefits of added filtration. 


And lastly, the perfect gift for the bougie ones! Is there someone in your life who always goes for the best? This one’s for them! This heady glass piece made by Philly glassblower, Jop is great for anyone with freaky or obscure style. It’s sure to make a beautiful addition to anyone’s shelf - and the bougie people will love that you thought of them!

Excitement Smokin’ is a smoker’s heaven, because our entire store is stocked full - not just with glass but with all the accessories or tools you could possibly need. Stop in and see for yourself, you’re sure to find something you love.

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