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The Best Pipes for Dry Materials

The dryer the better

Summer is coming up - and for a lot of us that means the season of burning the dry stuff. While a lot of folks choose concentrates as their material of choice, there’s a lot of us out there that haven’t yet made the switch. 

Plus, summer time just screams hand pipes in the outdoors!

And if you’re an avid user of dry materials, having a solid and reliable piece is so important no matter the season.

We all need something that’s not only easy to use but also aesthetically pleasing. While this will differ from person to person - I definitely have some rec’s.

So keep reading to learn about which pipes you should pick up for the season!

GRAV Frit Spoon Hand Pipe

GRAV Frit Spoon

A gorgeous take on the classic spoon pipe, this option from Grav is a perfect daily user for dry materials. It’s made from multiple layers of glass giving you a strong, thick and durable pipe safe to take on any adventure. Plus, the design is helpful to catch any stray ash from getting in your mouth which is a huge bonus!

Beach Bum Cat Spoon Hand Pipe

Beach Bum Spoon

Another option in the spoon family is this cute pipe with a beach bum cat decal. The deep dimensions of the loadable head give you a lot of room to work with, without carrying around a giant pipe. And if you’re a fan of the film, the decal will add so much sparkle to your daily use of it.

Grav Sherlock Rocker Hand Pipe

GRAV Rocker

If you’re a little tired of the classic spoon style pipe, check out this especially unique rocker sherlock from Grav. Not only can the loadable head fit way more than a traditional spoon pipe, but it combines the best features of their rocker style design and a sherlock pipe. Easily hold and maneuver the whole thing in the palm of your hand in your natural gripping style, and if you accidentally bump it - chances are it will just rock a bit without falling over!

Out of all the products that are on the market these days, it can be hard to determine what you actually need to invest in. And that’s why we’re here to help! Ready to go home with your new piece? Stop in to any of our locations or check out our extensive online inventory. We’re sure to have something that works for you.