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What's the Perfect Pipe for Your Lifestyle?

So fresh and so clean, clean

There are so many different ways to consume your product these days. From vapes to glass to silicone pipes and beyond - you could basically have a different method for each day of the week!

But if you’re just starting out, or aren’t quite hip to all the new products on the market yet, it can be difficult to determine which product would best suit your lifestyle.

Are you more of an outdoorsy type? Do you smoke indoors?

Do you prefer collectables, or having a trusty and reliable tool that serves you whenever you need it?

Your needs should always be taken into consideration when choosing a new piece of smoking equipment.

So if you need some help, keep reading to find out which products are best for YOUR lifestyle!

On the Go

Are you constantly on the move? Carrying around a large water pipe or really any type of full glass piece can get tricky really fast if you tend to travel a lot. Whether it’s festivals or kayaking trips - having something on hand that’s versatile, durable and easy to transport can make all the difference. Grav’s dugout is a perfect option if you live the wandering lifestyle. It has everything you need to light up on the go (including pipe, grinder, and storage) and it fits in one convenient carrying case. Pick this one up for the upcoming summer!

Something That Will Last

Some people are just not that big into all the bells and whistles. Are you someone who’s less interested in all the technological advancements of the smoking world, and more concerned with the quality? If this sounds like you - you’ll probably be best suited toward a pipe that’s going to last you. And as long as you don’t have much of a clumsy side - a glass piece can be that for you! Check out this water pipe from Medicali. The beaker design is less likely to tip over and break, and the glass is extra thick and it stands at 18” tall and made with 9Mil by 50mm tubing and Schott Boro Artistic Glass. It will surely be a long standing and trusty companion!

Collector’s Pick

Another big lifestyle in the smoking world is the glass collectors. Because there are so many different styles, shapes, and aesthetics in the glassblowing world - glass is such a great thing to start a collection with. You can get SO creative and collect such a wide variety of different pieces. That’s why these Illuminate Water Pipes from Lookah would be a great pick for you if you’re a collector type. These borosilicate glass pipes feature a frosted glass inline & sprinkler percolators - plus, they come in different colors and they each have a beautiful ornate design. Stick one of these on your shelf for a perfect addition!

Evidently, there’s a tool out there for everyone. And your tools should work for you - not the other way around. So if you need to pick up something just a little bit different to make your life just a little bit easier - stop by any of our locations or check out our inventory online. You’re sure to find something perfect for you.