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How to Personalize Your Smoke Gear

Yo dawg, pimp your gear

One thing about me is that I love accessorizing.

Especially when it comes to smoke gear. Because it’s something that you use often (sometimes daily), it’s such a nice touch to add your own personality to your gear.

Whether it’s your pipes, rigs, bags, or even papers - you don’t have to stick with the factory default.

You can personalize and accessorize your gear in so many different ways.

Life is short! Add some flare or color to your life!

Here’s a few ideas on how to do it:

Swap the Head Piece

One easy way to personalize a water pipe that you already have is to pick up a new funky head piece! Most pipes are going to come with a standard fillable head piece that works great. But why not spice it up a bit and get a pretty one? We often have an inventory of heady or funky head pieces available in store to choose from. Add a pop of color or a hand blown design! You could also consider adding an ash catcher to reduce the gunk that ends up in your pipe as well as adding some flare to your piece.

Fun Rig Tools

When it comes to concentrates - there are a few more tools necessary compared to dry materials. Why not choose the tools that add some flare to your routine? For example - instead of using boring old wax paper to store your stuff, pick out some colorful slicks to carry around. Or, pick out a metal poker with a cute decal on the top! The possibilities are endless when it comes to all the tools you need for concentrate smoking.

Heady Pieces

A slightly more expensive route to personalizing your collection is investing in a piece from the heady case. Most of these pieces (hand pipes, water pipes, rigs and more) are one-of-a-kind and there’s not another one that exists. Often they are hand blown and even locally made! This is a great way to find something that really speaks to you, and isn’t straight out of a factory. Sometimes they are more of a collector’s item, but they’re also functional pieces to add to your shelf.

Stickers & Pins & Patches

Arguably the easiest way to add flare to your gear is to add all of your favorite pins and patches to any carrying cases you use! Along the same line and possibly a hot take - you can also add stickers to the glass you already own to make it just a bit more you. Whether it’s a rick and morty patch on your hand pipe case, or a psychedelic mandala sticker on your water pipe - you can always stick your personal flair to something you already own.

Feeling inspired yet? We have such a huge variety of different aesthetics and vibes in our inventory - you’re bound to find something that speaks to you. And don’t forget to get creative! They’re aren’t any rules to this game - be safe and have fun!