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Streamline Your System With These Tools

With all of the tools, gadgets, and accessories we tend to accumulate over the years, our smoking system can get a little complicated. Sometimes we think a new product will help, just to find out after a few uses that we don’t need it. This can sometimes lead to clutter and an overabundance of things in your smoking toolkit. Other times, our products age and don’t work as well as time goes on. We might have outdated tools or things that are useful but unnecessary.

Is your system starting to feel a little clunky?

You might need a cleanout, and some recommendations of things we’re sure you will actually use.

If this sounds familiar, keep reading for some stellar recommendations to get your system streamlined and efficient!

Wooden Dugout

If you’re someone who is often on the go, you might find your travel set-up to be a bit cluttered. Dugouts can be the perfect way to stay prepared, so you’re ready to go wherever you are. They hold both your dry material and a small one-hitter which you can easily “dig” into the storage compartment to load with product. The only extra thing you need is a lighter! Check out these wooden ones with beautiful designs if you need a new travel solution.

Puffco Hot Knife

Do you find loading concentrates a messy ordeal? From dirty tools to sticky residue all over your surfaces and clothing - the mess can really kill a vibe, quick. This tool from the geniuses at Puffco eliminates all of that! This electronically heated loading tool allows you to effortlessly and efficiently load your product without the hassle. Just hold down the button, and your concentrate drops off in seconds.

Silicone Spinner Jar And Carb Cap

One of the easiest ways to streamline your smoke process is with your storage elements. How do you currently store your product? If you don’t already use slicks - this is your sign to start. These silicone storage containers are perfect for concentrates, because the material makes for easy removal and they are completely reusable. Check out this option from White Rhino that’s actually a carb cap and storage all in one!

Ready to organize and hone in your efficient smoke system? Stop in to any of our locations or check out our online inventory for these picks and more. Plus, if you’re shopping for a smoker who has a cluttered kit - these make perfect gifts for this holiday season. We can’t wait to have you!