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A Gift Guide for the Smokers in Your Life

‘Tis the season for gift exchanging!

With all the parties and family events coming up, fast - getting some shopping done is in order. But often it’s not the shopping part that’s overwhelming. It’s the deciding factor that gets us.

And while it might be a little edgy in some families, smoke gear can make for some meaningful and unique gifts!

So if you have a smoker in your life, consider these ideas depending on their individual style.

A Handpipe for the Daily Smoker

I’ve always been a proponent of gifting a new handpipe to any of the smokers in my life. They’re affordable, versatile, and easy to personalize! Because there are so many different styles and designs in the hand pipe department, you can easily pick one out that fits the personality of who you’re gifting it to. They’re also widely used by the community, so even if you’re not sure what kind of smoker your loved one is, chances are they could use a new handpipe! Check out this simple but stylish pipe from Grav if a new handpipe is on your shopping list.

Silicone Pipe for Someone Who Keeps Breaking Their Glass

Do you have a friend that is notorious for breaking their glass pieces? Maybe it’s time for them to give silicone pipes a try. And maybe it will take being gifted one for them to finally commit. We have so many different options for silicone pieces, ranging from water pipes to hand pipes to nectar collectors. For example, this beaker style pipe from Eyce is a classic water pipe option - with a silicone twist. So figure out what style smoker they are, and grab them a silicone option!

Straight Tube For the Concentrate User

If you have a concentrate user in your life, there’s no doubt they would appreciate a straight tube pipe, especially if they are still using something smaller like a nectar collector! Making that switch allows them to benefit from some extra water filtration and added percolation. Plus, they often feel nicer and more sturdy to use. This straight tube from Encore is a perfect pick to use for concentrates from it’s ergonomic design to the honeycomb percolator. But don’t forget, they might need a torch or a banger to go along with their new pipe.

It’s so nice to choose gifts that your loved ones will actually use and enjoy. These products can make their lives easier and enhance their various experiences. What’s better than that? If you need to knock some names off your shopping list, stop in to any of our Excitement Smokin’ locations to pick up the essentials! We can’t wait to have you.