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3 of My Favorite Pipes for Dry Material

When shopping for smoke products, a lot of considerations just come down to preference. Of course, durability and quality is something you always want to consider - but after that, you have a lot of options to look through and decide what you personally like better. Do you like the smooth and classic look of glass, or something less prone to breakage like silicone? Do you prefer lots of colors or something more sleek?

Your preferences matter a lot during this shopping experience - and personally I think that’s what makes it fun!

So if you’re interested in exploring some of the different options and discovering what you like best, keep reading for 3 of my favorite options for dry material.


One of my absolute favorite methods for smoking dry materials is a water pipe, because of its ability to filter the smoke a bit before it reaches your lungs. This 14 inch water pipe from Phoenix Glass takes that perk to a whole new level with its inline percolator and freezable coil. The inline percolator provides extra filtration, and the removable top piece of the pipe can be stuck in the freezer before use. This adds a really nice cooling effect to your experience. Check this one out if your preferences include lots of smooth hits!


Bubblers are another one of my top picks, because you get portability without missing out on water filtration. These compact pieces offer the ability to add water in the bottom, but are small enough to make transportation a nonissue. And this unique option from Grav is no exception - its triangle base creates tabletop stability while the curved shape keeps your lighter away from your face and minimizes splash towards the mouthpiece. Put all of that together and you even get a “wave” effect as you pull the smoke through the pipe! This is a great option if you want all the benefits of a bubbler, with a fun added twist.


When it comes to hand pipes, I have a major preference toward creativity. The cooler the glass art is, the more I feel drawn to that piece. That’s why I adore this beehive handpipe by Empire Glassworks. Of course you get all the benefits of a hand pipe - it’s efficient, user friendly, and easy to transport. But you also get such a spark of joy when you use it, because you can see the detail and love that went into the artistic spin on this tool that you use! So if you have a preference for art in your glass, check out the different designs Empire Glassworks has to offer.

Discovering your preferences when shopping for smoke products takes some trial and error. You have to try out a few different styles before realizing what really speaks to you. Hopefully this article gives you a starting point, and some things to consider when exploring your options. You can shop all of these products and more in our online inventory, or stop into any of our locations and chat with a staff member!