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Smoke Shop Fall Finds

Smoke Shop Fall Finds

We have officially transitioned to full blown Autumn here in PA and as the weather cools down, we gear up for Halloween, and the holidays quickly approach us - change is in the air. Can you feel it yet? If not, you’re bound to feel it soon. It can be a wonderful time of the year and create a refreshing sense of newness in our lives.

Truly, it’s the perfect time to switch up your smoke collection with a new fun addition. Why not? You’re switching up our wardrobe, house decor, maybe even our meals. There’s no reason our smoking products can’t fit in that category!

Keep reading for our recent faves of fall finds at Excitement Smokin’!

Cottage Core Water Pipe

Really working’ those fall vibes, this little mushroom guy is a perfect addition to your fall smoke sessions - especially if you’re into a cottage core aesthetic. It might look like decoration, but it’s completely functional, and this makes it easier to conceal if you needed to. If you frequent the fall home decor section at Target, this could be a perfect addition to your fall themed space!

Gandalf Pipe

If you want something a little simpler to pick up this Fall, check out this unique style “Gandalf” pipe! This handpipe adds a bit of flare to the experience, given its extra length. But it still works the same way as any other handpipe, and the detailing is gorgeous. Pick this up if you want to switch up your handpipe game!

Retro Water Pipes

I’ve recently been loving these unique styled water pipes and their funky detailing. There’s a few different color options, but the unique shape is the same throughout. It’s almost a beaker style, but with a bit of a blockier feel to it - giving it a cool look, and the same function as a beaker style. It also features some percolation so you get a good filtered hit every time. Check this one out if you’re looking for something new in the waterpipe department!

Simple Beaker with Accent Color

And finally, if you want to add something new but are looking for a really simple vibe - these adorable mini beakers are perfect for you! I love their little pop of color on the downstem and mouthpiece, as well as the nice and round shape of the beaker. Pair it with a matching mat, and you’ve got yourself a whole new vibe to match the transitioning season!

Find anything from this list you like? We have all of these options and more at Excitement Smokin’. Our inventory varies from store to store - but if you stop into any of our locations, you’re sure to find something that you love. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to assist! Stop in today and change up your vibe - it’s the season for it!

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