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5 Accessories You Need for Your Glass

5 Accessories You Need for Your Glass

When you think of a smoke shop, glass is probably the first thing that comes to mind. At Excitement we value high quality glass pieces - from hand pipes to bubblers, water pipes and rigs for concentrates. We have shelves lining the entirety of our shops, all fully stocked with a huge selection of different styles and sizes. 

But that’s not all we carry! 

You can never have just your glass piece if you want an enhanced and satisfying smoking experience. You also need a few accessories! Maybe right now, that just means a lighter (we do have those!) But in this article, I’m hoping to expand your idea of tools and items you can use during your smoking experience.

We are really a one-stop-shop, and that includes endless accessories and tools you need for your collection. Keep reading to learn about a few!


If you’re someone who travels a lot, or even someone who is just constantly on the go - having a great carrying case for your glass pieces can be a huge game changer. The risk with glass is always there, but with a carrying case your precious piece can be protected in transit. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a case that works perfectly for your water pipes whether it’s due to size or shape. But don’t worry - our cases are made with water pipes in mind!


Do you ever get frustrated handling your concentrates? It’s not an uncommon experience, but one that can easily be avoided by picking up this super simple poker tool! These glass ones are a pretty and efficient option, but we have other materials depending on your needs. Elevate your experience, and ditch the stress by checking out our selection!


Lighters can get annoying - and they're completely useless when it comes to concentrates. Investing in a good torch can take your whole smoke life to the next level! We have a few different options, and no shortage of refillable butane if you need it. Talk to any of our associates if you need assistance picking one out!


One thing that can elevate the aesthetic and functionality of your water pipe is upgrading your old headpiece. Whether it’s chipped, dirty, or just too shallow for your liking - it doesn’t hurt to replace it every once in a while. You can color coordinate with your existing water pipe, pick a deeper made style, or pick one that just catches your eye. We have a large selection!


Arguably some of the most important accessories include a pipe mat and an ash tray. These two simple additions to your collection can help keep your space tidy, clean and organized. Easily dump your ash, and keep your water pipe from wobbling with this combo!

While the giant new glass water pipe might be at the top of your priority list, don’t forget about the little things that enhance your user experience, sometimes a lot! Stop into any of our locations to check out products like these. You might be surprised at what you didn’t know you needed!

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