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4 Water Pipes for the Casual Smoker

4 Water Pipes for the Casual Smoker

Have you ever felt sort of overwhelmed when you walk into a smoke shop like Excitement Smokin’? Maybe you see so many things, and don’t even know what half of them are used for? Maybe you’re more of a casual smoker, rather than a collector or big enthusiast - and it’s hard to find something simple and easy to use among all the high end pieces.

Well I have good news! We have products for you too!

While at first glance our inventory might seem a bit overwhelming, with a little help you can find the perfect piece for you at any of our locations - whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just a casual smoker. 

Keep reading to hear about 4 of our favorite simple, casual water pipes.

Small Grav Beaker

If you need something that is a little more compact, this little Grav beaker is a perfect option. It’s a great size for being smaller, and has an awesome simple design. If you want something that’s casual and on the smaller side, but still high quality glass - this is definitely the water pipe for you! Pack it in your bag to take with you, or easily tuck it away in a safe place for later. 

Soft Glass Beaker

Want something that is casual but still has a bit of flare? Check out this soft glass beaker! The glass on this is a bit thicker, and it has a slide rather than a headpiece. It’s compact, affordable, and doesn’t have any crazy features. But it looks so pretty! Check out the swirl detail and color on this one - it’s a favorite of our customers!

Envy Dichro Straight Tube

If you’re not into the beaker styles, check out this simple straight tube pipe. It has this beautiful iridescent finish giving you an extra edge, but it still checks off your needs of simple and easy to use. It has a nicely sized headpiece for how small the pipe is, and a flared base to keep it standing nice and steady. It’s also American made - so you know the quality check is there!

Medicali Beaker

Similar to the Grav option above, this Medicali beaker is a great option if you want something simple - but you don’t want to sacrifice quality and longevity. Medicali glass is American made and one of our favorite brands when it comes to quality - so you know you’re making a good investment, even if the pipe isn’t crazy fancy. It’s got a nice size and simple style, with a pop of red decal. Check this one out if it’s your thing, or even as a great gift for the casual smoker in your life! 

Find something you like? We have all of these products and more at all of our locations. And a friendly and knowledgeable staff that is ready to help you wade through our vast inventory to find something that works for you and your specific style and needs. Stop in and go home with the perfect product for you!

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