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Smoke Gear for Homebodies

I’ve shared a bunch in this space about smoke gear that works well for people on the go. Festival goers, frequent travelers, or even people that just generally smoke away from their homebase. But what about all the homebodies?

This week I’m sharing all my favorite products for those of us that love to stay put, get cozy and partake in the comfort of our own cultivated space.

Smoking at home offers the opportunity for more flexibility in your gear, so you can focus on generally bigger pieces, pieces with more complexity, or even just prettier fancier items.

So if you’re a proud homebody, keep reading for some product recommendations.


If you’re primarily smoking at home, you might have the space for a big daddy vaporizer like the Dr. Dabber. This product has a lot of pieces but they all come together to make a smoking tool that is totally worth it. It’s capable of vaporizing both concentrates and dry materials, and features induction technology that enables the Switch™ to achieve temp in under 10 seconds (dependent on selected temperature). It’s an amazing tool to have on your coffee table or bedside that allows you to smoke exactly how you want without concern of bulk or breaking-in-transit.


Smoking at home might also allow you to invest in a high quality torch, rather than the small pocket sized ones. Having a good torch can make a world of difference in your smoking experience. Take the Blazer for example, standing at 7.5 inches tall this torch has a flexible head that can be positioned at three different angles giving you comfort and control. It also has a dual flame feature which allows for the torch to be turned down to a cooler yellow flame if you happen to need a lower temperature. This small switch can take you from frustrated to relaxed so quickly.


Without the concern of transport, you might also be able to add a full 4 piece grinder to your home collection. Besides the obvious convenience of using a grinder for your dry materials, a 4 piece grinder allows you to store the “extra” and easily clean out each component. They also tend to be more efficient at their jobs, and on top of all of those features - this one is cute and pretty! When your gear primarily lives at home with you, you can play around with different designs and aesthetics easily. Does this cottage core design match your smoke room’s vibe?


And finally, the best part of keeping all your smoke gear at home is your ability to invest in and store dream pipes like this one from Lookah. It’s grand in size, intricate in design, and features a complex and refreshing percolation system that gives you a smooth clean hit every time. Now, obviously a piece like this is difficult to transport - and that’s the beauty of being a homebody smoker! It’s not just efficient and powerful in use, but it makes a beautiful addition to any shelf or collection with its artistic and creative detailing. Check this one out if you’re ready for some power in your collection!

For introverts or cozy vibe lovers of all kinds, smoking at home can be just the best. It gives you freedom and flexibility in your shopping choices which is always a good thing. You can shop all of the products mentioned and way more at any of our physical locations or our online store. Happy smoking and chilling at home!