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4 Weird Handpipes To Diversify Your Collection

Do you find yourself buying the same kind of smoke gear over and over, to the point where your collection is starting to look like replicas? Then it might be time to diversify your shelf.

Every good glass collection should be diverse, featuring different kinds of pieces, colors and styles. Do you have a lot of straight tubes? Add some beaker styles! Shelf filled with mostly water pipes? Consider adding some bubblers or recyclers!

Of course, everyone’s collection is their own - and you should make it exactly how you want it. But if you’re someone looking for a more diverse shelf collection to display, keep reading for some weird hand pipes that just might make the perfect addition.


Have you ever seen a triple threat like this? These fermion skin hand pipes offer not just one loadable head, but THREE different recessed loading spaces. Loading up all three at once is sure to be a unique experience. Plus, these pipes are made from hand blown borosilicate glass and have a subatomic element feel. They’re a party trick and a conversation starter for sure. Check these out if you want a new smoking experience!


What’s more “weird” than the spacey alien aesthetic? What makes this pipe unique is not just the cute vibe and colors - but also its shape and material. It’s not your typical spoon shaped pipe, but rather you load your product in the mood shaped loadable space and pull through the mouthpiece at the bottom. It’s also not made of glass but ceramic that’s finished with a food safe glaze on both the outside and inside for easy cleaning. Grab this one if the alien vibe fits your aesthetic!


This pipe has the cutest mushroom inspired design, and is unique in a few ways, making it the perfect addition to any diverse collection. It’s made from silicone, so this is a pipe with a low break risk. It also comes apart for easy cleaning, but my favorite unique feature is the 3 little baby mushrooms that come out of the side near the loadable space. So cute! Add this pipe to your collection if you need a vibe change.


What’s more unique than a pipe made out of crystal? These quartz hand pipes are probably unique to anything you have on your shelf, and they offer a mystical witchy vibe to any smoke sesh. They also come in a unique shape - giving more of a rectangular feel than your typical spherical look. Already have a separate crystal collection along with your glass collection? Blend them together with these quartz pipes!

If you’re on the lookout for unique pieces to add to your shelf, Excitement Smokin’ is your best bet. At our physical locations, we have wall-to-wall shelves full of glass - you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. Stop in or shop our online inventory to diversify and upgrade your collection! We can’t wait to have you.