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3 Products to Try If You Like the Classics

There are so many exciting new developments in technology when it comes to the smoke world. And while these are amazing, we can’t forget our roots. The classics are never out of style, and honestly there’s no shame if you want what you know when it comes to your smoke gear.

Sometimes, we don’t want to put the effort in to learn new operations. And sometimes, we just genuinely enjoy the experience of classic water pipes or hand pipes. They’re familiar and come with zero learning curve.

So if you’re someone who prefers the classics, or if you’re looking to gift new smoke gear to someone who you know won’t fully appreciate the latest vape technology - keep reading for my recommendations!


A slightly elevated version of the classic beaker style - this straight tube by Mav increases your benefits with zero learning curve or new features. You operate this pipe in the same way, but get a sleek look, thicker glass and ideal dimensions. This pipe is a great daily driver, and the beauty is in it's simplicity!

Add extra pillows to your bed to use for your hips, knees, or neck. You could even try position pillows or bolsters! Another option is something like the Ohnut which acts like a bumper for pain during penetration. Of course it’s always a good idea to address pain during sex from a health standpoint - but having these small adjustments in place can make a huge difference if your anticipation of the pain is affecting your sexual desire.


Are you or someone you're shopping for more of a hand pipe person? Rather than figuring out a new vape or bubbler, get what you know with these spoon pipes from Tisdale. They give you everything you get with a classic spoon shaped hand pipe - and they are designed with a gorgeous silver smoke effect. Sticking with the classics gives you the opportunity to focus on the creativity of a piece rather than all the bells and whistles!


We can't talk about classics without mentioning the dugout. I love these tools for smoke gear because while they have been around for awhile they have serious ingenuity. I mean, they are literally perfectly designed for smoke on the go! With everything in one place you can easily transport your product and you don't even need to "unpack" in order to light up. The one downside is that you can't generally pack a lot of stuff, but if you typically pack light this is the perfect option for you.

Classic doesn’t mean old - and you can still get fresh new gear that feels familiar. You don’t always have to invest in the latest technology in order to upgrade your smoke gear. We like what we like and that’s okay!

You can shop any of these items or check out our extensive inventory online or in any of our physical locations. We can’t wait to have you!