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Our Favorite Dime Bag Pieces

Carrying and transporting your pieces is a game changer, especially if you’re an on-the-go kind of person, or if you’re someone who likes to smoke with a group rather than kicking it solo. The thing is, fragile glass is probably the worst material to throw in your bag and take with you on a trip outside of the house.

Luckily, the smoking industry is solution oriented, and at Excitement we have many options to help you troubleshoot this very common issue.

That’s where Dime Bag comes in! These bags and accessories are specifically designed with glass pipes in mind so they end up being the perfect companion to smoking & travel.

Keep reading for some of our favorites from their incredible line of products!

Dime Bags City Dweller Backpack Silver

City Dweller Backpack

This bag is aptly named, because it’s perfect for those of us who are city livin’. It comes in multiple colors, and has a total of 11 compartments - including a laptop compartment, two water bottle holders, and a front cell phone pocket. Besides its roomy pockets it also has a durable Hempster exterior and heavy-duty zippers. But the icing on the cake is the protective smell-proof feature!

Dime Bags The Omerta Brigata Lockable Duffle Bag 10 Black

Omerta Brigata Lockable Duffle Bag

Looking for some extra protection? Consider this lockable duffle bag that keeps all your goods locked up and safe, no matter what adventure it accompanies you on. The extra protection works well with its other features including the signature smell-proof interior. It’s roomy enough to fit most of your smaller gear and product, but not too bulky to carry around on your travels. Sleep soundly knowing all your gear is locked up safe!

Dime Bags Ellie Paisley Day Tripper Magenta

Ellie Paisley Day Tripper

If you want something a little less intense and a little more light, this day tripper bag is for you. Sometimes you don’t want or need to lug your biggest pieces around, and all you need is enough room for your handpipe, lighter, and maybe some papers along with your product. With the day tripper, you get this with the added bonus of a secret pocket for your stash. This stylish bag also comes in multiple colors so you can choose one to match your unique style!

Ready to hit the road and go? Stop in to any of our locations or check out our online inventory to browse our Dime Bags, and in no time you’ll be efficiently prepared for your next adventure! You don’t have to choose between damaging your precious glass and taking your favorite pieces away from their home on your table or shelf.

You can have the best of both worlds!