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Clean Your Pipes Like a Pro

Cleaning your pipes and tools is an essential part of your smoking experience. Nobody wants to rip the pipe that has days old residue sitting in the water! No, a clean pipe is vital to a clean smoke sesh.

The cleaning process can sometimes feel daunting; there are a lot of different products and methods to try out and everyone seems to swear by one or the other.

So whether you’re the type of smoker to let your pipe sit just a little too long, or the type who’s trying desperately to clean it with salt and alcohol, keep reading to learn how to clean your glass like a pro.

Formula 710 Advanced Cleaner 16 Oz

Formula 710 Advanced Cleaner

Formula 710 cleaner is the cleaner for smoking pros. It’s a non-abrasive cleaning solution safe for almost all pipe materials including glass, metal, ceramic and pyrex. It’s quick and easy to use, and the best part is you don’t even have to scrub! It will lift even the stickiest of residue from all your pipes and smoking accessories, hassle-free. Grab this if you need a basic but powerful cleaning solution in your smoking toolkit.

Formula 420 Cleaning Caps

Sometimes the smallest and most simple accessories can make a giant impact. Like these cleaning caps! Stretch them over any opening on your pipe after filling with your cleaning solution and then shake away, avoiding any mess. Not only do these caps make cleaning your gear more efficient, but they also can replace other annoying disposable products like pipe cleaners. Ditch the products you have to keep buying, and stick to this reusable option!

Rezblock Resin Prevention Concentrate 3Ml

RezBlock Resin Prevention Concentrate

Prevention can be the most powerful approach when it comes to keeping your smoking tools sparkly and new. Rather than other products that help you get rid of the gunk, Rezblock actually helps prevent it from building up in the first place. This is definitely an essential part of any smoker’s cleaning kit, because just a few drops added to any water pipe means your glass will stay cleaner for longer. Add this to your cart if you want to work smarter, not harder.

Ready to try something new and get your cleaning process down to a science? Stop in to any of our locations or check out our online inventory to pick up your new cleaning gear. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!