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Gear You Need for The Start of Fall

Although the East Coast just went through a heatwave, you can’t argue that beautiful fall weather is just around the corner.

Cue the pumpkin spice, apple picking, scary movies, and beautiful foliage, PA!

You might be revamping your wardrobe and putting out your beautiful fall home decor, but have you considered adding smoke gear to your fall upgrade list?

It’s the perfect time to add some fall favorites to your collection, so check out some of our picks for the exciting upcoming new season!

V Syndicate Dark Traveler Syndicase 2.0 Stash Box

Dark Traveler Syndicase 2.0 Stash Box

Not looking to make any major upgrades, but still want to get into the fall spirit? Add this spooky accessory to your shopping list! Not only is this box durable, waterproof, and smell proof but it also includes a lid that can double as a rolling tray. It’s the perfect companion to your on-the-go smoking adventures, and has a “dark traveler” decal that is printed in full color and high definition. Pick this one up if you want to add something just a little extra to your smoking toolkit.

Grav Coffee Mug Bubbler Assorted Colors

GRAV Coffee Mug 7" Bubbler Water Pipe

Don’t you just love getting cozy with a warm drink and a nice book once the weather cools down? If that’s your vibe, this coffee mug bubbler might be perfect for you. This unique “mug” design doesn’t just give you the feel of the classic fall drink - it’s actually intelligently designed with the smoking experience in mind. The perc and smoke pathway are built into the mug's handle, and the body has a perfect hand-feel. If you need a subtle fall upgrade, pick this one up!

Grav Mini Spoon Amber

GRAV 3" Mini Spoon

In the market for a new hand pipe? These mini spoons are the perfect addition to your smoking tools for fall because they are versatile and easily transported for all your adventures as the season changes. This 3” spoon even has a donut mouthpiece that can be threaded with a string or chain. But it doesn’t just look cool, it also catches ash and cools down your smoke for a more even hit. You get a bougie hit in such a small package! Grab this one if a new pipe is in the cards for your fall toolkit.

Are any of these pieces speaking to your fall-loving soul? Check out our online inventory, or stop in to any of our locations to check out our extensive collection. You’re sure to find something perfect to accompany all of your autumn adventures and activities. And if you need any help, our staff is ready to jump in and assist. We can’t wait to have you!

Happy Fall!