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New Year, New Pipe Collection

New Year, New Pipe Collection

Now that we’re a good bit into the new year, did you set your new year resolutions? Have you stuck to them? The energy of this year is newness, novelty, and changing ourselves for the better. And with the new version of your (the 2023 version, that is) comes new versions of your life as it is. 

It’s only right that there’s new items in your smoke collection!

In 2023, Excitement Smokin’ is going as hard as ever - bringing you new and improved products, and keeping our inventory stacked with high quality glass. The new version of you deserves a new pipe to match, don’t you think?

Keep reading for the latest items on our shelves, and find out which ones you should take into 2023 with you!

Linda Biggs Beaker

Add a touch of fairy art to your shelves! This beautiful beaker style water pipe features the creative touch of artist Linda Biggs that makes you feel like you’re in a fairy wonderland. Not only is the pipe durable, and effective - but the art enhances your smoking experience by so much! Bring more joy and play into your new year with this beautiful pipe!

Chameleon Glass Inspired Face Hand Pipes

Get funky with these cartoon inspired hand pipe designs! Once again we have high quality glass that will treat you right, as well as irresistible funky designs to bring a smile to your face. Choose from different designs and colors to match your existing repertoire - and add it to your shelf for extra pizzazz.

A Touch of Silicone

Mixing up your materials can add variety and excitement to your collection, as well as some amazing benefits. While less traditional than scientific glass, pipes made from silicone are virtually unbreakable and insanely easy to clean. You can basically throw them around, and rinse them out when you’re done. Plus, they come in such a variety of different designs. Check out these ones from Wax Maid coming in pink, green, or a mixture. 

Encore Mini Beaker

If you’re looking to downsize in 2023, these mini beakers from Encore are the perfect pick for you. Their small size in no way diminishes their high quality glass and notable signature design. You get the high end pipe, without the overwhelming size. Plus, they are easily transportable so you don’t have to worry about lugging around a giant straight tube. Go smooth and easy in the new year! 

If any of these items are on your shopping list - be sure to stop in at any of our locations and check out the inventory. And don’t forget to chat with a staff member if you have any questions before purchasing!

It’s new year, new you - your smoke collection deserves the same refreshing energy!

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