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3 Awesome Pipes from Grav

3 Awesome Pipes from Grav

When you enter any of our locations, chances are you will eventually be met with an entire section of glass pieces from the brand Grav. It’s pretty clear we love their glass, and our customers definitely do too! There’s many reasons, the biggest probably being their quality. Grav pieces are notoriously high quality, and the scientific glass is sturdy and durable. You can feel it when you hold it in your hand, and especially when compared to other cheaply made pieces. 

But beyond the quality, we also love the high end and chic design of each piece. Personally, I love the matte colors. They just feel fancy and new! We carry so many different styles of Grav glass, so keep reading to learn about 3 of our favorites.

Sherlock Handpipe

One of my personal favorites, this sherlock style hand pipe is perfect if you want something that feels expensive, but doesn’t necessarily break the bank. It’s uniquely designed, fits perfectly in your hand, and has an ergonomic feel when you use it. The packable space is large, and it comes in many different colors! 

Straight Tube Water Pipe

Are you a straight tube kinda guy? We carry so many options from Grav in store, you’re sure to find one you like. These strong and sturdy flat based water pipes are perfect for big rips, and even feature nice cooling percolation at times. Pick one with the signature Grav matte color decal, and it will look perfect on your shelf.

Beaker Style Water Pipe

If you’re more of a beaker style person, preferring the big bubbles of water when you smoke - you might be better suited to the beaker style options offered by Grav. You get the same variety of color and design, but with a better shaped pipe for your liking. Check out the many different percolator options, and enjoy your new bubbly, durable pipe!

If any of these pieces pique your interest, be sure to stop in to any of our locations and check out our Grav selection. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we offer at Excitement Smokin’ - and there’s so much more to check out!

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