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4 Pieces To Use If You Like to Keep it Simple

Sometimes, simple is just better.

I’ve heard from some customers that have been involved with the smoking world for a long time, that all the new technology, gear and gadgets can sometimes feel overwhelming and overly-complicated.

Some of us love learning all the new gear, and others prefer to stick to the basics. All types of smokers are welcome here!

So if this sounds like you, check out some of my recommendations for keeping your smoking game, simple and easy.


A simple handpipe can go a long way. Not only can you easily carry it around with you, but the process from prep to smoking takes almost no time at all. It’s a convenient way to load up and go, without the hassle of some other methods of smoking. If you’re a handpipe lover, you’ll love this piece from Chameleon Glass. With a design inspired by nature, this beautiful piece offers a timeless elegance without any bells or whistles. Grab this piece or one like it if you’re in the market!


While still simple in nature, a water pipe can elevate your smoking experience just a bit with the added filtration and cooling effect of water. The classic beaker style is just what you need if you want that elevation without overcomplication. Water pipes are such great options for simple smoking, and no one does them better than Grav. This medium sized beaker pipe isn’t over-bearing or showy, but exactly what you need when you need it!


And finally, if we’re talking about “back to basics”, I have to mention a personal favorite - rolling papers. With such minimal tools needed, a rollie might be the most simple of smoking modalities. There’s just something about smoking something you put together with your own two hands, right? These slow burning hemp papers are perfect if you tend to roll your own, so pick up a pack next time you’re in town!

We don’t have to overcomplicate the process. Sometimes it’s okay to stick with the classics and what we know. So if you need a new piece of gear that you love, we have all of these options and more in our inventory. Check out our online store or stop in to any of our locations to pick up your new piece!