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Choosing Your American Made Glass Piece

Home grown for your home grown

Based on our customer feedback, we know that our people love American made products. So, we love to carry it in our stores!

There are so many benefits to buying these types of products over other, cheaper, options, including higher quality glass, increased durability, and even better aesthetics.

While cheaper glass can be a great option in you're looking mainly for affordability, increasing your price range and spending a little more on American glass can be super beneficial in the long run.

So, if you're looking for your next American made pipe, keep reading for some of our faves!

ROOR 14" Beaker 50x5 Water Pipe

ROOR Beaker

Looking for something basic that still features all the benefits of sturdy American made glass? This beaker is for you! From ROOR, this classic beaker style pipe has everything you need without all the fancy bells and whistles. You don't have to sacrifice durability for simplicity with this one. It's 14 inches tall with built-in ice pinches and the classic ROOR decal.

Empire Glassworks Koi Pond 4.5" Spoon Pipe

Empire Glass Koi Pond Hand Pipe

If we're talking aesthetics within the American made glass category, we turn to no other than Empire Glass. Just look at this incredible artistic rendition of a koi pond right on your classic spoon style hand pipe! This one is both high quality and beautiful, with no sacrifices in any department. This isn't just a usable tool, but a piece of art as well, which is always a plus when shopping for smoke gear. Pick this one up if you have an eye for the fine arts!

Medicali 18" 8Tree Straight Water Pipe

Medicali Straight Tube

We all love a good straight tube, especially one that is multi-chambered with percolators that produce a smooth and silky filtration to every hit. That's exactly what you get when it comes to this straight tube by Medicali. Standing about 18 inches tall and featuring a showerhead percolator, as well as a wide base, this higher end piece gives both luxury and efficiency! Pick this one up if you like the finer things in life and want your smoke shelf to reflect that.

At Excitement Smokin', we make a conscious effort to carry a wide variety of products, ranging from the cheaper to higher end. It's important to us that we supply you with every option we can so that you can get what you truly need when shopping with us.

Check out our extensive inventory online, or stop in to any of our locations to pick up your new American made glass piece.

You'll be happy you did.