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Different Banger Styles Explained

Different Banger Styles Explained

Concentrate consumption is on the rise in the world of smokers. It’s a hugely popular method but can take slightly more skill and time than traditional ways of smoking. You need a few more tools than you might have on hand, and one of those tools is a banger. A banger or a “nail” is the headpiece used to heat up concentrates. They’re usually made of quartz, but sometimes ceramic or titanium. Quartz are the most popular because they take much less time to heat up, and produce the best flavor.

Excitement carries a few different options in terms of banger styles - but which one is right for you? How do you know which one to choose? Keep reading for a breakdown of the different types of banger that are on the market!

Standard 90°/45° Bangers

We’ll kick it off with the most basic and common style of banger. There’s nothing too special about these, other than the angle that they sit on your rig. You’ll want to pay attention to which one will fit the style of waterpipe you’re attaching it to. Depending on your waterpipe, you’ll either want a 90 or 45 degree angle. 

Flat Top Banger

Flat top bangers look similar to the standards, except for the shape of the opening. Surprise! The top is flat. The flat top creates a better seal for your carb cap in comparison to the curved opening of standard bangers. They also usually have a thicker bottom which holds heat a little longer. 

Flat Top with Insert

Flat top bangers also can be used with an insert, which is a little dish that sits inside the banger. When you use the insert, the rest of your banger stays cleaner and you can just remove the insert for easier clean-up. It also allows for the heat to be less direct, giving you a little bit of a smoother hit.

Core Reactor Banger

A core reactor banger has a solid cylindrical piece of quartz in the bottom. This core piece holds heat for longer, and adds more surface area for your product to spread out.

Thermal Banger

A thermal banger uses two layers of internal walls. This adds extra space between the torch flame and your product, allowing a lower temperature hit.

Quartz Pearls

These bangers come with tiny little quartz balls, typically called pearls, that swim around your banger as you pull. The balls spread the heat throughout the banger to reach more of your product. 

Which style of banger is your favorite? Do you have any rig and banger wisdom to share? Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with us and connect to the conversation!

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