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6 Products for Cleaning your Glass

6 Products for Cleaning your Glass

An absolutely essential component of owning glass is keeping up on the cleaning and maintaining of your pieces. Neglecting your pipe can lead to chronic clogging and breaking but also… Who wants to smoke out of a dirty, dusty and brown-watered pipe?! Making sure everything is sparkly and new creates a better atmosphere, smell, and overall smoking experience! While the classic method of isopropyl alcohol and salt is pretty sure-fire, we carry so many products to make the process even easier and more streamlined. Here are 6 products we carry that will help keep all your glass in perfect shape!


Formula 420 cleaner

This classic line of cleaners covers all your bases including glass, ceramic, pyrex and plastics. Pick one of these depending on the material of your pipe, and keep it on hand for all your cleaning needs! If you wanna ditch all the scrubbing, they also have a soak and rinse product!


Crud Bud

Crud Bud makes a wide range of different cleaning tools and accessories. They make isopropyl soaked wipes for casual clean-up, a reusable cleaning solution, and clear drops made specifically for bangers!


Grunge Off

This formula is a staff favorite at Excitement Smokin. It’s a reusable cleaner that works ridiculously well and lets you avoid any scrubbing or wasting of the solution. You just soak your pieces in the solution and then rise ‘em clean! Don’t forget to save the solution even after you use it as it will keep working even if it’s “dirty”.




Resinate is an abrasive formula that not only makes your pipes shine but it also disinfects the surfaces!


Resolution Gel 

Another reusable cleaner that we carry, resolution gel is non-abrasive and completely non-toxic! 



We are stocked with all the extra stuff you might need while cleaning, too. Pipe cleaners in different varieties can help with target areas, RezBlock is a product you can use to prevent icky build-up, and alcohol wipes are extremely useful too!

Need papers to roll up so you can still smoke while your glass is soaking? We got you covered there too ;) Stop in and have a chat with us!

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