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3 Of Our Favorites from Empire Glass

Art and creativity has always been a pinnacle of the glass industry. We all enjoy the water pipes that are more funky and colorful than the industrial and monochrome feel of others (although they have a place too!).

Well, no one does style and attention to detail better than Empire Glassworks.

This line of glass has unmatched designs that are unique, fun, and bring a sense of beauty and wonder to your smoking experience. That’s why they’re one of my favorites to recommend.

So keep reading to check out some of our favorites from Empire Glass!

Sunshine Garden Mini Spoon

Just in time for the middle of summer, this mini spoon is a beautiful homage to the blossoming of foliage. Its beautiful and bright yellow color contrasted with the pinks and purples of the flower details make this a perfect pipe to puff on while enjoying a sunset or a long sunny day. Grab this one if you’re a flower lover

Beehive Nano Rig

One of the most unique rigs in our inventory, this nano rig is part of a series depicting and emphasizing the conservation of a specific at risk habitat or endangered species. This one, showcasing a beehive, features beautiful designs of dripping gold honey and has a beaker style base and a large loadable head. Pick this one up to save the bees!

Bubblegum Carb Cap

Add some flare to a rig you already have! With this bubblegum themed carb cap, you can transform your current rig into a fun and vibrant piece by adding this heady accessory to your smoking routine. Using a carb cap can help decrease the “wasting” of smoke, and make the process of using a rig smoother and more efficient. Why not make it cute too? Pick this one up if you’re looking for a fun accessory to a set-up you already love!

If any of these pieces are piquing your interest, be sure to check out the whole line that we carry! Whether you stop in to any of our physical locations, or browse our online inventory - you’re sure to find an Empire piece that speaks directly to you. Happy shopping!