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Best Water Pipes for Summer 2021

Best Water Pipes for Summer 2021

Summer 2021 is in full swing and we’re back with an updated list of the best smoke products to accompany you on all your summer adventures. The summer vibe is all about relaxing, getting outside, enjoying the sunshine, and hanging out with your friends. We’re kayaking, hiking, biking, swimmin’, and grillin’. As you probably already know, a sesh can upgrade any of these experiences - but you might not know about the following products and how they can take it to the next level.

Excitement Smokin’ is stocked and ready to supply you with all your outdoor smoking needs!

Upgrade your summer sesh with any of these 5 products to kick off the summer right.

Glasslabs 303 Small Beaker


This small but sturdy beaker is a perfect companion to a group sesh on any summer adventure. It’s small enough to make it portable, but also has enough quality for a smooth and clean hit. The scientific glass is easy to clean and the color accents add the perfect touch.

RAW Cone Duffle Bag


Pick up this cone-shaped duffle bag from RAW to transport your glass from one place to the next this summer. It has multiple storage compartments and is big enough for some of your larger glass pieces. It’s many features include smell-proof, water-resistant, padded hand strap, and detachable shoulder strap.

Silicone Nectar Collector by Eyce


A silicone nectar collector could be the answer to all of your summer smoking problems. It’s body is silicone and can’t break, and the tip is titanium which heats up quickly and is super durable. This Eyce nectar collector provides you portability and ease for all your concentrate needs.

Pax Era Life

For complete simplicity and comfort, try this pod-style cartridge battery by Pax. It takes long lasting pods, and features an extended battery life as well as instant heat time and four temperature settings. It comes in multiple sleek colors, and is the epitome of discreteness. It’s perfect for any outdoor adventure due to its compact design. Slip it into your bag, and grab as needed!

Puff Puff Pass Granddaddy Purple Mini Sherlock Pipe


If all else fails, a small handpipe is the best fall-back option for a quick outdoor sesh. Try this cute and trendy lavender-colored sherlock pipe for summer 2021. It’s petite and easily concealable in any purse or bag, so you can take it along with you for hiking, biking, or just exploring nature! Pick up a small grinder to go along with it!

The summer heat and fun is here in Central PA and Excitement Smokin’ is your local one-stop-shop for all your smoking needs. Make sure you stop into any of our locations to check out our ever-expanding selection. And if you’re in the area - check out our brand new location in King of Prussia!

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